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Head Pressing in Dogs — Don’t Ignore the Signs

If your canine walked over to a wall, pressed his head up towards it and simply stood there with out shifting, you may go it off as a random oddity or your canine simply fooling around. However, head urgent in canine is an odd compulsive conduct that indicators that one thing is bodily improper together with your doggy. 

Why does head urgent in canine occur?

head pressing in dogs dont ignore the signs - Head Pressing in Dogs — Don’t Ignore the Signs

A canine urgent his head up towards a fence. Photography © MagMos | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

“It’s usually a sign of disease in the front part of the brain, but can also be seen with metabolic diseases,” says Michelle Murray, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM (Neurology), CCRT, proprietor of NEST Veterinary Neurology in San Clemente, California. “For example, severe liver disease can cause toxin buildup in the body, which causes the brain cells to not function properly.”

Common prerequisites related to compulsive head urgent in canine come with mind tumors, poisoning, encephalitis (irritation of the mind), stroke, frightened gadget infections (reminiscent of rabies or bacterial, fungal or viral infections) or an harm to the mind (for example, in case your canine hit or fell on his head).

“I have seen head pressing in dogs most often associated with brain tumors, however, I have also seen it with many other diseases, including immune-mediated brain diseases, infectious diseases, congenital brain diseases and vascular diseases,” Dr. Murray explains. “It’s more a function of where in the brain the problem is, rather than the specific disease itself.”

Head urgent could be accompanied by way of different signs

Head urgent in canine is regularly accompanied by way of different signs, reminiscent of pacing (particularly pacing in circles), adjustments in conduct, abruptly having injuries in the space, getting “stuck” in corners (apparently can’t in finding his means out of a nook of the room), seizures and imaginative and prescient issues.

Are canine who’re head urgent in ache?

Although we all know what bodily problems to suspect when canine are head urgent, nobody actually is aware of the actual explanation why they categorical this conduct. “It’s hard to know if the dogs are experiencing pain,” Dr. Murray explains. “Many people with brain diseases complain of headaches. In my opinion, these dogs do not seem obviously [in pain], but could they have a dull headache? It’s certainly possible.”

Do you assume your canine is head urgent? See a vet ASAP

If you notice and even assume your canine is head urgent, don’t extend looking for veterinary remedy. Your vet will do an entire bodily examination to check out to resolve what could be inflicting this conduct. During the examination, the vet will test your canine’s blood force and investigate cross-check his eyes.

“After evaluating your dog, the veterinarian will probably recommend doing some baseline testing to rule out metabolic diseases, including lab work (blood and urine) and x-rays,” Dr. Murray says. “If your vet does these things and still suspects a brain problem, he may recommend a referral to a veterinary neurologist for imaging of the brain (MRI) and possibly even taking a sample of spinal fluid to look for infections or abnormal cells.”

The analysis for head urgent in canine is extremely dependent upon the actual purpose and the way critical the drawback is. Because we’re speaking about the mind, it’s without a doubt a major state of affairs. The faster you search veterinary assist, the your canine will probably be. “In general, this is a very serious symptom that should be addressed as soon as possible,” Dr. Murray advises.

Tell us: Have you ever witnessed head urgent in your canine? What was once the offender?

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